Simnest A320

Advanced Aviation Training Device

The Simnest A320 AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) is a vivid resemblance of the Airbus A320 aircraft both in its design and behavior. It includes all the necessary hardware and software characteristics that our clients need to provide a qualitative systems and procedures training or to ease off the transition to Airbus A320 for non-type rated pilots. Despite the abbreviation AATD in its name, core instruments are the same as in the Simnest’s flagship product A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator, what is more, the same software ensures its operation as well. Thanks to the mostly unchanged main elements, the cadets can experience the realistic behavior of the Airbus A320 in a high-fidelity environment.

Advantages of A320 AATD

Advantages of A320 AATD

  • Realistic Airbus A320 cockpit layout and behavior

    Similar is not enough when it comes to training pilots. Therefore, we designed both the cockpit and the software environment of our simulators to be exactly the same as the real Airbus A320, even in the smallest details, hence the cadets can experience the realistic design and behavior of the Airbus A320 in a high-fidelity environment.

  • Physical hardware with tactile switches

    Unlike the average AATD, the Simnest A320 AATD is built with physical hardware for every component, with tactile, authentic and functional switches, supporting the future pilots to develop their muscle memory so they know immediately what task they need to perform in a live situation without conscious effort.

  • Compact device, fits into a small room (space requirements: 3,5 m x 3,2 m x 2,5 m)

    The AATD contains one larger or two smaller-sized displays, instead of a large space-consuming direct projection visual systems, which allows the device to be installed in a much smaller space than an FNPT II APS MCC simulator.

  • One-button start-up and shut-down system

    The one button start-up is an innovative solution to ensure quick and trouble-free simulator start-up and shutdown.

  • Ease of use, no need for a technician to operate it

    The Simnest Aviation's proprietary Simnest Multifunctional Control Unit (SMCU) is like the ATO’s technician staff – just without the payroll and HR issues. It starts, coordinates and checks all the systems needed to run the simulator, such as visuals, force feedback, ventilation, simulation software, instruments and controls. It also reports any errors, manages and logs users, and provides the availability to run the simulator in different modes.

  • Tailor-made product, shaped for your needs

    Our mission is to create simulators that provide the opportunity for the stakeholders to reach the highest level of education according to their potential. We are flexible to meet our customers' needs, so we can ship them a tailor-made product rather than a boxed product.

  • Full blown Simnest A320 software

    Our own Airbus A320 based FMGS is a comprehensive system including all the necessary tools and features for the most professional training. It includes the Simnest’s A320 based flight model which implements all Fly-By-Wire laws and is only one step from the type specific level. We developed the software specifically for training purposes and optimized it with plenty of feedback from TREs and TRIs.

  • Cost effective solution, yet with dozens of trainings

    The Simnest A320 AATD simulators are not only capable for more than a dozen different courses, but also meet the needs of all those involved in pilot training, all this at an affordable price even for ATOs that are starting up or have more modest economic means.

  • Product of a strong, stable and reliable company

    In the eight years of our existence, we have become the leading FSTD manufacturer in the region with a 1 000 square meter development and assembly facility and 19 installed simulators in 8 countries around the world, some of them with more than 10 000 operational hours without any major issues.



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