"Our vision is to be a worldwide partner to all high-standard training organizations to make civil aviation safer."

Who are we?

PearWilliams Ltd changed its business profile in 2015 and turned to the certified civil aviation training devices market. This decision has given green light to the SIMNEST brand and by now had become a well-known product on the simulator market. SIMNEST integrated all professional knowledge of the company and motivated us to build the first FNPT II MCC training device certified by EASA before end of the year.

Our colleagues' experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, flight safety and data analysis, software development and the first-hand experience of our 8 active airline captains gave us confidence to build even better products to maximize user experience. Besides the skills and experience listed above, our exposure to the certification process of several devices enables us to provide solutions for our customers which cover all their training needs.

Where are we?

SIMNEST has a well-diversified range of products which is ensured to give prompt and extensive answers to all level of customer demands. We are continuously working on R&D projects and increasing our range of services to give cost-effective solutions based on our training experience. Today we are Corporate Partner members of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

"We are not only selling products, but provide solutions."

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