Retrofit FNPT II MCC certification in Spain

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Another successful retrofit project and FNPT II MCC certification – this time in Barcelona, Spain. The A320 based simulator is now in use of the students of EAS Barcelona, who provide modular trainings and an integrated airline pilot course to the pilots to be. Now our certified devices are present in four European countries (Denmark, Greece, Spain, Hungary). The valuable experience and insights gained during the certification process ensures the next Spanish certification will be even smoother.  

This challenging project required a different approach because it was a retrofit of a non-certified simulator. Our retrofit service is available upon request for those customers who decided to upgrade their non-certified simulator into a certified FNPT II MCC flight training device. The service consists of 4 phases which are the following: assessment, design, implementation and authorization.

The actual device and the available documentation are examined during the assessment phase. With the goal of successful certification in focus, a recommendation is created based on the assessment during the design phase. The actual upgrade process takes place in the implementation phase and we provide support for the authorization during the last phase.



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