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As we mentioned in our previous newsletter in order to settle our brand on the market and follow the international trends, we decided to unify our marketing strategy keeping the clean and transparent communication in mind and create an integrated corporate identity. As part of this transition SIMNEST changed its name to Simnest Aviation and our Pilots-ATO took on the name of Simnest Pilot Academy.

"We are not only selling products, but provide solutions"

It is one of our main principles we operate by every day. We kept this in mind when we designed the Simnest Aviation diversified product portfolio which includes FNPT II MCC and FTD I-II levels simulator manufacturing, simulator parts design and production based on the continuous innovations of our R&D department. We offer a retrofit solution for our customers who want to upgrade their existing simulators to become suitable for certification and also provide legal advice on EASA regulations.

Save the session

Is another key principle which led us to the creation of our maintenance service packages with SLA which -depending on the package- include uptime guarantee, emergency flight simulator repair, telephone support, preventive maintenance, obsolescence management and SmartGlass to facilitate the diagnostic and troubleshooting process.

Our own ATO – Simnest Pilot Academy - granted us valuable experience during the product and maintenance portfolio creation. In the Academy we work side by side with active airline captains whose real-life experiences we utilize to develop the perfect solution for training purposes. These same experiences make possible that our cadets perform so well during the airline assessment process and that our accepted student rate is over 90%. We started to conduct APS MCC training among the first ATOs in Europe, although even our MCC course is like a ‘mini type rating’ thanks to the simulator’s vivid resemblance to the A320. We provided trainings to over 400 students whom we received a great deal of positive feedback.

The innovation process doesn’t stop in the future either as we are planning to step on the next level by developing and designing our own FTD I level device. The team of Simnest is continuously expanding, as we get enriched by new members. At the moment our departments count more than 30 people and some of us are also training to become pilots.

The history of Simnest started when PearWilliams Ltd changed its business profile in 2015 and turned to the certified civil aviation training device market. This decision has given green light to the Simnest brand and by now had become a well-known product on the simulator market. Simnest integrated all professional knowledge of the company and motivated us to build the first FNPT II MCC training device certified by EASA before end of that year in Denmark. Until today we have simulators in 4 European countries and currently working on the newest, will be assembled in Belgium.



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