Hungarian simulator certification

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We delivered our first upgraded simulator to a brand new FSTD operator, A32 Ltd. in Hungary, opened at the beginning of October. The device is an EASA FNPT II MCC/FAA level 4-5 simulator.

We are very proud of this simulator because we didn’t simply deliver a product but we provided a compact solution by conducting a more thorough requirement assessment and planning than ever before, in order to completely fulfil the needs of A32.

One of the major requirements was to create a simulator which resembles the A320 as much as possible because their mission is to provide a highly sophisticated device for ATOs to conduct world-class MCC and APS MCC trainings.

During the planning and manufacturing of the device, we put our engineers’ latest developments and cutting-edge technologies to use which enabled us to install precisely tuned sidesticks and rudder pedals with finely calibrated force feedback to ensure realistic primary flight control operation. The optional seat-shaker integrated in the seats lets you feel the aircraft while you take the professionally developed flight model to its limits during flight, take-off, landing and taxiing. In order to assist them achieving their goal we provided our optional ATO and APS MCC document packages as well. 

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