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We hope that you are keeping well during this difficult time, when everyone faces unprecedented challenges.

After rigorous planning and reorganizing we successfully transported and assembled our simulator in Belgium despite all uncertainty.

Beyond that we relaunched our training courses at Simnest Pilot Academy.

We updated our theoretical training, making it much more flexible, manageable and a lot less expensive. The online theory includes video trainings recorded in the simulator to help understanding fundamental concepts easier, making theory learning smoother and more enjoyable.

Finally, we expanded our product portfolio by a cockpit procedure trainer mockup. It’s ideal for students to practice procedures so they will always be prepared for simulator sessions. Order one now to have it delivered before training resumes.

We have also decided to move our HQ office so we can be near to the facilities of Simnest Pilot Academy and our showroom at all times. The new location will allow us to conduct simulator displays in a more convenient way.



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