Norwegian customer purchased a custom-built Simnest A320 simulator

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Redflight Aviation AS, which operates a pilot training base in Norway and has a strong commitment to sustainability, has recently acquired a Simnest A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator. Redflight had no doubts about the supplier as they had extensive personal experience with the Simnest FNPT II MCC simulator. In addition to this high-fidelity device, Redflight will benefit from Simnest Aviation's expertise, as they have also purchased two essential documentation from Simnest, including a training manual to help with the successful operation of their ATO.

Redflight Aviation's Mathias Slåttøy, the former student of Simnest Aviation's pilot training organization, Simnest Pilot Academy, had a first-hand and in-depth experience with Simnest Aviation’s flagship product, the Simnest A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator. "Mathias was highly satisfied with the Simnest simulators he trained on as a cadet. We received a lot of positive feedback from him about the device, which led us to contact Simnest Aviation first when making our purchase. The initial discussions were very positive, the site constraints were quickly addressed, and the excellent price/performance ratio confirmed our initial impressions. As a result, we signed the contract with Simnest Aviation without hesitation.” - said Oddbjørn Steinar Brungot, the responsible manager at Redflight Aviation, about the background to the decision. 

The signing of this contract is a significant milestone for Simnest Aviation as it marks the company's entrance into another country. " We have a special connection to Scandinavia, as we installed our very first Simnest A320 FNPT II MCC simulator in Denmark, which is a part of this region. So, in addition to Redflight Aviation being our first customer in Norway, this tie also adds to the significance of our agreement." added Miklós Kacsó, CEO of Simnest Aviation. 

Since their first simulator in Denmark, which has been successfully in operation ever since Simnest Aviation has manufactured and installed many devices around the world. For Redflight, the only challenge was the limited space available for the simulator. However, Simnest's customizable solutions allowed their engineers to find a solution with ease. To meet the authorities' requirements while not compromising the visual parameters, the size of the instructor's box was reduced to fit the device in the room. 

As a simulator manufacturer who also operates an Approved Training Organization, Simnest Aviation has extensive knowledge and expertise to assist professionals in becoming an FSTD operator or an ATO. Redflight also decided to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition to Simnest's high-fidelity simulator that provides an airline environment for their cadets, Redflight also purchased Simnest's FSTD Operator Document Package and APS MCC Training Manual. 

Redflight Aviation's first FSTD has already been installed at Torp Airport in Sandefjord, Norway, and has successfully passed the on-site acceptance as well. 

Mr. Oddbjørn Steinar Brungot, Redflight Aviation's Responsible Manager (left) and Mr. Péter Oroszvári, Simnest Aviation's Certification and Compliance Director (right).

About Redflight Aviation AS

Redflight Aviation was started in 2017 under a different name with intention of being an aircraft rental company. As demand grew it soon shifted its idea into becoming a “one stop shop” for flight training services, being able to care for all kinds of pilot training. Today the company keeps moving forward under the same idea, to provide any kind of training from basic flying and taildraggers all the way up to APS MCC, and hope to be delivering these service from spring 2024. The company has 5 aircraft stretching from the all-electric Pipistel Velis, up to the Piper M350 and Piper Seneca. And now also the Simnest A320 FNTP II MCC Simulator.

About Simnest Aviation

Simnest Aviation is a major player in the market for fixed base FSTD manufacturers. They have 20 A320-based simulators operating across 8 European countries, and their FMGS software is also used in North America and Asia. Their flagship product, the Simnest A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator is designed to be type representative of the real Airbus A320, which provides a real airliner environment for the cadets. All this, hand in hand with the APS MCC training facility, means a straight path for students from aviation training organizations to commercial airlines. The in-house developed operating software of Simnest makes the work of head of trainings and instructors much easier, as it makes the simulator as easy to operate as a smartphone, without the need for technical staff.



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