Simnest debuts to the Asian market at APATS

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After eight years of outstanding success in Europe, Simnest Aviation is expanding its operations to the Asia Pacific region. The first stop will be the APATS, the largest aviation training event in the region, organized by Halldale this August.

After shifting the focus of our successful company, which fostered and supported independent R&D projects, solely to FSTD development and manufacturing in 2015, with our FNPT II APS MCC simulators, based on the Airbus A320 aircraft, we have quickly become a well-known player in the European pilot training market. Thanks to the excellent value for money of our tools, their simple, technician-free operation and, last but not least, its realistic A320 environment and behavior, we have since installed a total of sixteen certified simulators in six countries across Europe. 

Our products are now renowned not only in Europe, but also on other continents of the world, with the result that we are receiving more and more enquiries from the Asia Pacific region. In response to market needs and to ensure the continued growth of our company, Simnest Aviation is expanding its activities to the Asian market. Our first in-person presentation in Asia will take place at the largest aviation training event in the region, APATS in Singapore at the end of August. At our stand 207 at APATS, we will be showcasing our flagship product, the Airbus A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator, as well as its “little brother”, our brand-new product, the Airbus A320 Lite AATD. 

From a pilot training perspective, one of the biggest advantages of our FNPT II APS MCC simulator is that it is suited for APS MCC training, which provides cadets with most of the knowledge and competencies that airlines are looking for in their candidates. While our AATD device offers the same airliner environment at a much more affordable price, without an enclosed cockpit and instructor's box and with an ultra-wide or two smaller displays instead of the high-definition laser projectors and the hi-gain white screen visual system of the FNPT II APS MCC simulator. 

At APATS, we will be presenting both our products in detail, and in addition to the usual delicious coffee and giveaways, we prepare a special surprise for this exhibition: everyone who visits our booth #207 will receive a special discount on our products exclusively for APATS participants!

As it promises to be a very busy show, it is advisable to book in advance for face-to-face meetings. Please contact Balázs Herendi, Sales Director, at [email protected] with any such requests. We look forward to seeing you all in Singapore on 29 and 30 August at APATS, stand 207!

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