Introducing Simnest Helping Hand Program

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Among many other countries, the COVID-19 pandemic also effected Hungary by not just threatening our health but challenging our economy as well, putting millions of jobs in jeopardy.

With the stop of travelling and tourism, the situation especially affected the aviation. The airlines have done everything in their power to minimize the damage but in the end, most of them couldn’t avoid to dismiss some of their employees, a lot of pilots among them.  

We understand how important it is for pilots to practice the procedures, even more when they are not flying on a daily basis, therefore, we decided to help the pilot community as much as we can in this tough situation. This has brought the Simnest Helping Hand Program to life which aims to help the Hungary-based pilots who lost their wings recently due to the pandemic, by providing free opportunities to practice in our Simulator Center.

We believe the program helps them to keep their practical knowledge fresh and facilitates their job applications once aviation has take-off clearance again.

Within the program we are providing a total of 100 simulator hours free of charge, in order to provide this opportunity to as many pilots as we can, we maximize simulator usage in 2 hours for each pilot.



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