Simnest Live Series has come to an end

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Our Facebook live video series has ended, thank you for making them such a success! The replay videos for all episodes are available on YouTube.

In episode one we strapped into the OEM seats and took the simulator for a test flight, which involved an engine failure, rapid decompression with OEM masks, an ILS approach and more.

Episode two focused on simplified maintenance for seamless operation by introducing 9 groups of maintenance service groups (35 services in total) and showcasing features such as one button start up and quick and easy sidestick and seat swap with simple tools. We made an extra video in the topic of easy sidestick and seat swap. 

In the last episode we covered certification and testing in detail and unveiled a solution for stress-free recurrent audits.

Retrofit FNPT II MCC certification in Spain

News - Belgian transport, online theory, mockup

Danish certification




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