Danish certification

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Our cooperation with one of our most loyal customers continues. Being satisfied with their Simnest FNPT II MCC simulator based on the A320, CAPA (Center Air Pilot Academy) decided to work with us again on their Boeing 737 based FNPT II MCC project. 

Although Simnest specializes in A320 based simulators we took up the challenge. During this unique project we worked together with another manufacturer who was responsible for the software. Since it was also a retrofit solution, we had to rework our technical solutions in order to provide such new hardware parts which are compatible with the software and the remaining original hardware.

Apart from installing original Boeing seats and developing a special control loading system we also customized our QTG software to fit the one provided by the previously mentioned manufacturing partner. As a result, it can be used in further 737 based simulators using our partner’s software with only minor modifications.

Besides overcoming these technical challenges, we were also responsible for the project management including the task of handling the cooperation on a daily basis and managing the EASA FNPT II MCC certification process.

We gained valuable experience and are proud that we had the chance to participate in this complex project and thanks to the efforts of all the partners it went as smooth as possible.

We are especially pleased that we could broaden the integrability of our QTG software which has proven to be beneficial numerous times during the certification processes of our previous A320 based simulators since it is fully electronic, based on the ARINC-443 standard and can be exported to PDF instantly. The A320 solutions also include the QTG software.



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