What's new with Simnest?

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Our days are quite exciting as we are right in the middle of the assembly of our latest Simnest A320 FNPT II MCC simulator which will be used by one of our Belgian partners soon. With the installation of this device our simulators will be present in five European countries (HU, ES, DK, GR, B).

The simulator is almost ready for factory acceptance thanks to our engineers’ prompt and precise work, and with the careful planning we will be able to deliver the product within the agreed 4 months deadline. Due to the customer’s requirements we designed a brand new, custom made IOS station with dual screens.

New challenges are about to rise during the certification process, but we’re up for the task and happy to learn the new processes of another country.

The R&D projects don’t stop during the assembly of the simulator. Our engineers are testing our improved eye tracking system, which can be implemented to Simnest simulators soon. Improvement of training quality in flight training industry is a continuous demand for the participants. Flight simulation is an inevitable component of practical flight training, the development of its subsystems can add new features that serves the essential goal. Although a certain number of scientific research projects deal with the measurement of pilots’ skills and performance, objective measurement methods of pilots’ behavior are not widely spread on the market yet. Currently the most widely applied methodology is the observation and judgement of a trainer and the objective recording of the actions the trainee is doing. The prototype of the system was installed in a FNPT II MCC level training device, and the functionalities were tested and evaluated during multi crew cooperation and jet orientation training sessions with the consent of the trainees. The tracking of the instrument scan of individuals has been evolved by combining flying and non-flying pilots’ roles to evaluate performance of the crew simultaneously.

Besides the new developments, we are continuously improving the parts of the cockpit we are already using in our FNPT II MCC simulators. Recently we replaced the plastic sidestick handle to an aluminum prototype to extend the parts’ lifetime and to ensure the smooth operation.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we decided to initiate a rebranding process regarding our manufacturing company as well as our ATO. We are soon arriving to the last step, the refreshment of our webpage. In the upcoming weeks we will be able to greet you with a modern, clean and yet informative appearance.



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