• What types of simulators do you manufacture?
  • Which official trainings can we provide with your EASA FNPT II MCC and FAA Level 4 and 5 simulators?
  • What other trainings can we provide with training devices?
  • What courses can we provide with your type specific simulators?
  • Who can operate certified simulators for training purposes?
  • What does the one button start-up and shutdown mean?
  • Do your simulators have motion systems?
  • Are your simulators type specific?
  • Is the FNPT II MCC upgradable?
  • Do you have certified simulators?
  • Do you have a Master Qualification Test Guide (QTG) for certification?
  • Do you have QTG software?
  • What kind of validation data are you using for your generic devices?
  • What software are you using in your simulators?
  • Can you integrate OEM data packages?
  • Which engines types can you provide?
  • Which flight models do you provide for your non-type specific simulator?
  • Why do you have different packages for the non-type specific simulator?
  • Are the simulators’ components OEM parts?
  • How long does it take to put the simulator into operation?
  • Do you provide a guarantee?
  • Do you offer support?
  • Which languages are available for the documentation?
  • Is it possible to check out the simulator in real life?
  • How high is the uptime of your simulators?
  • Do you offer different simulator packages depending on the level of equipment?
  • How long has Simnest been manufacturing simulators?
  • What other types of services can Simnest offer?
  • Are the simulators customizable?
  • Is it possible to order a different type of simulator?

EASA FNPT II MCC, EASA FTD and FAA FTD Level 4, 5, 6 flight training devices.

You can provide the following EASA official trainings:

  • Jet orientation (JOC)
  • MPL phase 2
  • ATP (15h)
  • ME
  • IR
  • MCCI
  • RNP

  • A320 procedures, malfunctions and systems training
  • SOP
  • System and Cockpit familiarization
  • Airline oriented flight training
  • Competency-based training
  • CRM and situation awareness
  • TEM
  • LVO
  • LOFT
  • TR preparation training
  • OPC/LPC preparation training
  • Upset prevention and recovery training
  • Interview preparation
  • Screening for airlines
  • ACAS training

Type rating credits and all other trainings for which the lower level devices can be used.

Approved Training Organizations (ATO) and Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) operators.

The full system start-up and shutdown sequence can be locally or remotely activated after user authentication with a simple push of a button

Our simulators are fix based devices.

We have generic large jet validation data based on A320, but our customers can request us to deliver it with original OEM data package as well

We provide upgrade package the FLX FNPT II MCC to TOGA FNPT II MCC level.

We have certified simulators based on the A320 in Denmark, Greece, Spain and Hungary and one based on the Boeing 737 in Denmark. All these devices are certified by the local Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) and comply with EASA CS-FSTD requirements. You can download the certificates here.

The generated Master QTG document is based on the ARINC-436 standard.

We provide an Electronic Qualification Test Guide (eQTG) software for generation of master curves and for running the quarterly recurrent tests and automatically compare the results with the MQTG.

The validation data comes from engineering data, flight performance data, available documentations. We tune the flight model based on feedback from many active airline pilots.

We use our self-developed professional SIMNEST flight model to replicate the A320 in great detail and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D for the visual.

Based on user requirements we can integrate vendor data package

We provide the device with the CFM-56 engine as standard, the other engines are optional.

We offer generic flight model closely based on the A320 with winglets as standard. We can install other optional flight models, like A320 without winglets and the A321 with winglets.

Our product portfolio was created with one goal in sight: to fulfil our customers’ needs. This required the formation of packages.

Basically no, but on user request, we can integrate OEM parts as well.

Under normal circumstances you can start using your FNPT II MCC in maximum 4 months after singing the contract. The lead time for FTD level devices are longer.

Yes, we provide an extendable 1 year guarantee as standard. Our customers can buy a guarantee extension for 1 or 2 years.

Yes, we offer full support to our customers. Our customers can choose from on-site and remote support.

The documentation is available in English.

Yes of course. Just send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will take care of the rest.

We strive to achieve the highest uptime with all our devices. Our goal is to provide 99% availability.

For the FNPT II MCC you can choose from 3 equipment levels: CLB, FLX and TOGA. It is possible to choose additional options for each level. You can customize your simulator based on your requirements.

We have more than 12 years of simulator manufacturing experience and we have been producing professional flight training devices exclusively since 2015.

Since we established our own ATO and FSTD operator we gained significant experience and therefore are able to assist our customers in terms of trainings, legal matters and documentation.

Yes, they are. We strive to fulfil every customer need so do not hesitate to contact our sales team at [email protected]

Yes, there is a possibility but such requests have to be assessed individually. For more information, contact our sales team at [email protected]

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