Airbus 320 fixed base FNPT II-MCC/APS Generic Large Jet Flight Simulator Device

Simnest’s FNPT II MCC/APS Generic Large Jet solution is a well-equipped device with all possible features you can also find in the real cockpit. The device includes every hardware and software the client needs to provide a professional training. We believe training in this device helps your cadets to feel the atmosphere of a real cockpit. We provide customization options so you can get one step closer to a type specific training device and it’s helping us to provide reliable business solutions driven by customer satisfaction.


  • ➢ APS training device
  • ➢ Quick installation (< 4 months)
  • ➢ Save valuable time & resources
  • ➢ Best return on investment
  • ➢ No expensive OEM licence
  • ➢ Low maintenance costs
A320 based cockpit
One button start-up and shutdown
Cost-effective operation


The controlled and well documented management of scheduled and non-scheduled changes and upgrades in line with the Operations Manual is a key factor that guarantees the certified operation of the training device and the expected high up-time. Considering the high level of certain risks related to the process, SIMNEST implemented a sandboxed maintenance partition to eliminate this inherent danger. It provides a user-friendly and easy to use maintenance and upgrade environment where you can make changes and validate them without support from the manufacturer. Changes on the maintenance environment won’t have any effect on the training environment until the planned deployment.


Our Electronic Qualification Test Guide (eQTG) is an extensively developed software, created and continuously improved by our engineers and developers. It is fully electronic, based on the ARINC-436 standard and can be exported to PDF instantly. The validation data comes from engineering data, flight data and real first-hand flying experience of 8 active airline captains. This eQTG matches EASA CS-FSTD requirements.

eQTG graphs
ECAM display with failures

Simulated failures

A wide range of failures can be simulated from 13 main groups, including engine, flight control, navigation, hydraulic and electrical failures. They truly degrade the affected component with all the side effects and it is also possible to combine failures. Normal and direct flight laws are fully represented, which allows the simulation of flight law degradation.

Download list of failures


We offer high standard services including 24/7 support, proactive error prevention and 24 months’ warranty. Transportation, installation, insurance & testing on customer premises alongside maintenance technicians and instructors training are also integral parts of our service portfolio.

More details

Additional support

Additional support

We have first-hand experience of establishing and running an ATO or an FSTD operator business. Apart from the usual support, we could also provide legal and business support to owners. These support types ensure flexibility because they are tailored to each of our customers. Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us here.

EASA official training on devices

  • Jet orientation (JOC)
  • MPL phase 2
  • ATP (15h)
  • ME
  • IR
  • MCCI
  • RNP

Preparation courses you can do in the simulators

  • A320 procedures, malfunctions and systems training
  • SOP
  • System and Cockpit familiarization
  • Airline oriented flight training
  • Competency-based training
  • CRM and situation awareness
  • TEM
  • LVO
  • LOFT
  • TR preparation training
  • OPC/LPC preparation training
  • Upset prevention and recovery training
  • Interview preparation
  • Screening for airlines
  • ACAS training
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