SN_A32 FNPT II MCC Simulator

Our SN_A32 FNPT II MCC Simulator

With our trainer friendly SN_A32 FNPT II MCC simulator you will be able to provide A320 specific trainings. It replicates accurately the A320 cockpit and its flight characteristics. Properly simulates the aircraft logic: the FBW characteristics. It has a working PFD/ND/FMA, well simulated ELEC/HYD/BLEED aircraft systems and a fully functional FMGS/FCU/ECAM. The operation of this simulator is not only easy but also it has low operating costs.

Instrumentation options
  • EIS 1
  • EIS 2
Engine options
  • IAE
  • CFM
FMGS option
  • Thales based
  • based on NORMAL and DIRECT laws
  • runs automatically in 4 hours
  • creates all documents in pdf
  • all tests can be done in manual mode as well
Simulated failures
  • Truly degrading the affected component, with all the side effects
  • All failures can be triggered manually or preprogramed
  • All failures have their ECAM procedures rigorously implemented
  • More than one failure can be combined (level 1 or level 2), with ECAM priority
  • Scenarios with armed failures can be saved to speed up the training
  • All failures can be reset in flight without further consequences
  • All electrical buses are modelled (so, by example an electrical failure may lead to the loss of panel backlight on the appropriate panels)
  • All hydraulic failures have their feedback to the flight model, enabling the instruction of the degraded modes
Professional visual system
  • Full HD Projectors
  • 210° × 45° field of view
  • Total immersion during exercise
  • Warping and edge blending included
Terrain, navigation & airport database
  • Worldwide terrain database
  • Quarterly updated navigation database with en-route and approach navaids
  • SIDs / STARs
  • Adjustable airport lights
  • 5 Reference airports included
IOS with touch screen
  • Failures
  • Weight and balance, fuel quantity, ZFW, etc.
  • Atmospheric and visual conditions can be changed in real time
  • Track plots available and printable
  • Flight pause, reposition and freeze
  • Approach Plates available for selected airports
  • QTG tests can be run directly from the IOS
Documentation provided
  • Technical documentation
    • Master Qualification and Test Guide, including
      • Engineering Report
      • Statements of Compliances
      • Validation Data
      • Objective Tests
      • Subjective Tests
    • Acceptance Test Manual with PBN subset
    • List of Spare Parts
    • List of software in use and licenses
    • User Manual
    • IOS Manual
    • Service Manual
    • Quick Reference Handbook including
      • Performance Data
      • Systems Descriptions
      • Procedures
      • Normal and Non-Normal Checklists
    • Aircraft Flight Manual
  • FSTD Operator Related Manual templates
    • Operations Manual
    • Compliance Manual
    • Safety Manual including Safety Risk Register
    • FSTD operator checklists
  • ATO related Manual templates
    • Operations Manual
    • Compliance Manual
    • Safety Manual including Safety Risk Register
    • Training Manual
      • MCC
      • JOC
      • APS
      • PBN
    • Training Syllabuses in electronic, including
      • Session Descriptions
      • OFP-s
      • Checklists
      • Aerodrome Charts

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