Márton Bagonyi

Senior Support Engineer

[email protected]

I joined the team of Simnest Aviation in 2018 as a simulator engineer. Having had previous experience in IT operations and technical support, I was assigned the role of support engineer shortly after my initial training.

As the senior support engineer of Simnest, I am mainly responsible for handling technical matters of those FSTDs which already have their certification procedure completed. I address a wide range of questions related to the simulators; based on their nature, these require viewing the product both as an aircraft and as a complex assembly of mechanical and IT subsystems. My tasks therefore involve constant cooperation with the software and hardware engineering teams, as well as our certification specialist to ensure that the updates and improvements do not only take our FSTDs one step forward, but they are also compliant to regulations.

Besides providing support to our customers, I am also responsible for setting up the IT infrastructure of the new simulators. In this role I am closely involved in the tasks of the software development team, providing them with feedback by testing the latest changes in a live environment. I find it motivating to be part of the constant evolution of the product, and performing the flyout of a brand new simulator is the most satisfying part of my job.


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