Miklós Kacsó


[email protected]

Being an electrical engineer and software developer myself, I did the original design of our first FNPT. With Jean Luc Nitard we integrated his software platform with our hardware solution. During that time I developed the original version of our electronic QTG system and some of the Fly-by-wire systems. I lead the simulator development team and participated in the birth of our multi-axis control loading system My overall grasp of the FSTD regulations, made me competent in keeping the simulator's overall design to be aligned with the current regulations worldwide. I actively participate in FSTD related rulemaking in EASA.

Now, as a CEO, entering more into the sales field, I can bring customer aspects directly to the table of the developer team - because after all we are on the same page. I still participate in development work when I have the time and opportunity.

I will always be in the first row to keep our product as close as possible to the aircraft itself, to make it operator and authority friendly and mostly to keep the Focus on Training!


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