Simnest expands its product range with B737 simulators

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After nearly ten years of success and twenty Simnest simulators installed and qualified, Simnest Aviation is adding a B737 FNPT II MCC to its portfolio in a pre-order promotion.

Simnest Aviation has installed 20 flight simulation training devices in 8 countries worldwide since its first Airbus A320-based type representative simulator. Simnest simulators have been used for almost a year to train future pilots for Wizz Air, one of the world's largest low-cost airlines, and from 2025 for Brussels Airlines. Their proprietary Simnest A320 software powers several A320-based simulators, manufactured by Flightdeck Solutions, in the United States and South Korea.  

Responding to market needs, Simnest Aviation is fulfilling a long-held dream with the newly announced Simnest B737 FNPT II MCC, available with NG and MAX layouts. As with Simnest's two previous products, the Simnest A320 FNPT II MCC and the Simnest A320 AATD, the most important aspect of the Boeing 737 simulator is to be as realistic as possible in every aspect.  „Well-developed muscle memory can be vital in a more risky situation. It is therefore paramount that Simnest simulators represent the type with high fidelity. Our goal is to replicate reality within our devices, enabling our customers to provide top-tier training for their cadets and ensuring safer aviation.” - said CEO Miklós Kacsó about the quality of the new Simnest B737 product. 

Thanks to this realistic B737 environment and behavior, one of the most advantageous and attractive features of the new Simnest device for future pilots and thus to ATOs’ is that it is created for APS MCC training. Of the courses currently available, the APS MCC provides cadets with the most comprehensive knowledge and competencies that airlines are looking for in their candidates, the APS MCC will thus maximize their chances of finding employment with commercial airlines.

The Simnest Multifunctional Control Unit (SMCU), which integrates and controls the individual components of Simnest simulators, will also be included in Simnest's latest product. This will eliminate the need for dedicated technical staff to operate the Simnest B737 simulator, as the SMCU interface makes it as easy to operate the simulator as a smartphone. In addition, the fully separated development partition of the SMCU allows the testing of recent developments, new features, or any requested modification in a safe environment. A complete QTG can be run on it without compromising the qualified training mode or interrupting a session.

Since Simnest Aviation also operates its own ATO, Simnest Pilot Academy, the Simnest B737 FNPT II MCC customers are not only provided with a type-representative simulator but also with nearly a decade of ATO operation experience and knowledge. Simnest can transfer its knowledge to customers not only by providing personal support for the qualification processes but also, on request, by providing manuals and documentation packages vital for the operation of ATOs.

To celebrate the launch, Simnest Aviation is offering an exclusive pre-order promotion. The first three customers who sign a letter of intent for the purchase of a Simnest B737 FNPT II MCC simulator by the end of May and finalize the contract by the end of 2024 will receive a 20.000 EUR discount on the purchase price.

Simnest Aviation will showcase its groundbreaking B737 simulator for the first time at IFTE in Istanbul from 3 to 5 May. Additionally, the company will exhibit at APATS in Singapore in September and EATS in Portugal in November, where company representatives will present the new product in detail.

To obtain additional information about our recently launched product or to place a pre-order, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.



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