The pinnacle of support with smart glasses

The ticketing system combined with remote access is very effective in most cases. However sometimes the support team has to cooperate with the onsite technicians. Smart glasses are the perfect tool for that because it makes interactions unbelievably simple.

The onsite technician puts on the glasses and the support team will not only able be to talk to him but also draw on the glasses, so complicated explanations such as push the second button from the left in the second row can be avoided.

24/7 support to ensure smooth operation

The Simnest E-ticketing system is available 24/7 which gives you the possibility to submit tickets immediately whenever you encounter a problem with the device.

It’s easy to get started because no setup time or installation required. It also provides great visibility and central control in dealing with issues to ensure uptime maximization.

Remote support for quick and effective troubleshooting

There is no doubt that on-site support is essential but in many cases a more agile approach has to be taken to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and minimize downtime.

That’s the reason why Simnest offers telephone assistance and remote access based support besides on-site service maintenance. With remote access our support team can log into the simulator from our HQ and start troubleshooting immediately.

Reducing the need for support – Proactive and preventive error management

Our team is proactively working on finding and troubleshooting errors before they can be experienced by our customers. After that the support team uses the remote access to install the update on our customers’ devices. If an error occurs on one of our devices, the solution is implemented not just on the device in question, but on all devices to prevent malfunctions.

Certification simplifier support

Certifying a device and creating all the necessary documentation (QTG, technical documentation, manuals, checklists etc.) are the most challenging parts of simulator operation and it usually requires a lot of resources. After certifying numerous devices in different countries and having our own ATO we decided to use our experience to provide documentation creation assistance and legal support for our FSTD operator and ATO customers.

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